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Ovar is a city and a municipality in Aveiro District in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 55,398, in an area of 147.70 km².

Ria de Ovar

It's the most western part of the Aveiro lagoon (Ria de Aveiro) in Portugal. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, between Ovar and Furadouro. Its average area covers approximately 75 km².

S. Vicente de Pereira

St. Vincent Pereira Jusã is an ancient parish in the municipality of Ovar, Aveiro district, with 9.47 km ² and 2316 inhabitants (2011)

Art of Xavega

In the local of Furadouro

The Xávega is a small-scale fishing done with encircling net and their equipment is provided with a long handle with floats, and in its long half a net bag in conical shape (xalavar). Formerly the collection was made with the help of oxen and upper-body strength, currently by mechanical traction, two tractors.

Carnaval de Ovar

Carnaval is celebrated in the streets of Ovar

Considered the craziest folk festival in Portugal, the Carnaval de Ovar attracts thousands of visitors each year. There is a spectacular parade with colorful costumes, masks and floats. Many participants work throughout the year to prepare for the festive parade.